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دیدبان شمارہ دہم کےمصور

Jameel Naqsh will be always remembered for he is indeed a legend. He was not merely a ‘Painter’s Painter’ but an artist that all art lovers cherished. His work vividly spans over sixty years. He was one of our abstract painters who was an accomplished draughtsman. He delineated the line and manipulated structures of forms with immense skill.I am greatly saddened to know that he has gone. What an artist! What a man!  He was extraordinarily gifted, courteous and gentle. He was a dear friend; an irreparable loss for us all.  May Allah Bless him and hold him in his fold. I also pray that may Allah grant his family peace of mind and strength to bear the loss." Ijaz ul Hassan"

The Last Embrace at 12:26 AM on 26th November, 2018 at his home London.

مصور جمیل ن‌‌


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