Poet Jameel –ur –Rahman, born at Mohammad Nagar, Lahore, Pakistan on 22 January 1954. He started writing at the age of fifteen, and his very first GHAZAL was published at the age of 17 in, BEESWIN SADI, Delhi, which was a monthly Literary Journal. He has been very active in literary state of affairs since 1975, when literary magazine ‘Funoon’ published his five poems, one of them was considered as the best poem of the year by the Editor Saleem ur Rehaman.

So far his poems have published in almost all distinguished literary magazines of Pakistan and India ; including Funoon, Makalma, Irtekaz, Takhliq, Biyaz from Lahore and in number of literary magazines from India including Shab khoon , Zehan e Jadeed ، Asbaat،Shair and Istifsaar are some of renowned literary magazines.

Jameel ur Rehman is recognised as Poet & Literary Critic. His major areas of interest are Literature and journalism especially International literature and Urdu language, Science Badie & Communication (Rhetoric knowledge).

He migrated to West Germany in September 1977at the age of twenty three, then in October 1982, moved to Netherlands where he lived till October 2008 . Since October 2008 he finally settled in UK London.

Literary work (Poetry books):

1 - Poetry of resistance “Zameen jab ankh kholey gi” (when Earth will open its eye), 1996

2 - Poems, songs & madrigals “Lahoo ki boond boley gi”(The drop of blood will be spoken), 2004.

3. Poems, songs & madrigals “Ham pay Soraj kaheen dobta hi nahin (Sun doesn’t sets anywhere for us), 2007.

4. Poems, “ Khawab, Hawa aur Khushboo” (Dreams, breeze and fragrance ),2008.

5. Poems, “Carnival” , 2012.

6. Ghazals, “ Koey-e- Bazgasht” ,2012
7.Poems,Mural 2014
8.Poems,Khlazaad 2016
9.Poems of resistance,,Lahoo ki Lakeer Par 2017


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